How It Works

STOP AT WINNER means that you STOP betting once you have found a winning bet. The tricky part of this System was finding which selections to bet on. We have now devised a system that makes the Selections for you and as you will see from our results page, we have hit the nail on the head!!

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a get rich quick system. Profits will be made slowly and methodically over the long term. If anybody tells you that there system/service will make you rich very quickly... Then they are lying!!



You will receive 3 selections daily. These will be posted on the SAW Selection Page only accessible to fully paid up members.

If you usually bet at your local bookmakers you will write all 3 selections on your betting slip and next to each selection you will put your stake [ see staking plan ] . At the bottom of the slip you write "STOP AT WINNER".

If the first selection wins you will receive your winnings plus the returned stake for the other two selections.

If you use the internet, you may have to place the bets individually.



The best way to explain this is to use an example but suffice to say, you must use a progressive staking plan when using this system:

18th November

2.20 Plumpton - Before All £5.00 win

3.20 Plumpton - Henryville £10.00 win

3.50 Plumpton - Tutlyesker Hill £20.00 win

Total outlay - £35.00


In this example - 'Before All' won at 5/2 so £12.50 would have been your net profit. Your remaining stake of £30 was returned, even though Henryville lost and Tutlyesker Hill won (11/8)

If the first two had lost, but Tutlysker Hill won at 11/8 your profit would have been £27.50 (£20 x 11/8) less £15.00 from the two losing selections giving you a daily return of £12.50 plus your £20.00 stake.

The staking plan is a matter for you, ideally you should double your stake on each selection as set out in the example above.



As the SAW service has grown in popularity and has produced quite exceptional results, some of our members have adopted other strategies to boost their profits further!!

They include:

Backing doubles and trebles

Backing singles to level stakes

These have produced massive profits as you can see on our results page